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Urugayan ambassador defends new era in relations with Angola

Luanda, ANGOLA, October 9 - The Uruguayan ambassador to Angola, Álvaro González Otero, on Sunday in Luanda considered positive the bilateral relations between the two countries, and calls for a new era of cooperation, taking into account the existing perspectives and the materialization, in the near future, of agreements already signed between them. ,

According to the Uruguayan ambassador, who spoke to Angop, his government is working to deepen the level of cooperation between the two countries, based on the previous Angolan executive.


To him, the relationship between Angola and Uruguay is going very well and there are already the bases that will allow to work with the current Executive in order to implement and streamline the most varied projects in progress.


Angola and Uruguay cooperate in various fields such as diplomatic, political, economic, petroleum, social, health, education, agriculture, environment, tourism, livestock, among others.


Trade between the two countries amounted to 124.4 billion Kwanzas in April, May and June 2017.


Angola exports oil to Uruguay and imports meat, fish, rice, milk and cheese, among other products.


Its cooperation is based on various agreements such as the one signed in 2002 between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Angola and the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay and another between the Institute of Agricultural and Veterinary Research of Angola and the National Institute of Agricultural Research of Uruguay


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